The Rock on Campus

What do we do?
We encounter students where they live.
We engage students in conversations about faith.
We point students to Jesus Christ and the local church.

The Rock on Campus is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors that seeks to accomplish three primary objectives.

The primary goal is to provide chaplain services to students and staff on community college campuses. Chaplains seek to 'be there' for students and staff, offer friendship in confidence, listen to, pray for, provide spiritual care as requested. The Rock on Campus also provides a venue for campus ministry, allowing students the opportunity to be involved in and grow in their faith while in attendance at college. Chaplains engage students in dialogue and find ways that give students and staff permission to explore how faith makes a difference each and every day.

The Rock on Campus also engages churches in the local community by linking students to a place that they can call their spiritual home while in school. In addition, The Rock on Campus assists local faith communities in establishing and developing young adult ministry. Seminars for parents on how to prepare for the post secondary years are available for booking.

Finally, The Rock on Campus is engaged in establishing and developing campus ministry models and planting qualified chaplains on community college campuses across Ontario and Canada by involving local churches into the world of young adults and by presenting a vision for caring for young adults during their post secondary years, and providing a rationale for staying in church when they graduate.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Students

Our campuses today are indifferent to, if not hostile, to Christianity. The Rock on Campus chaplains come alongside the lives of students and help students explore and discover how faith in Christ fits into life.

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What are

Chaplains encounter students daily; they engage students in conversations about faith; they point students to relationship with Christ and the local church.

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