Connecting to a Christian community is one of the best ways to find the encouragement and support needed to sustain a healthy spiritual life. Studies show that staying connected with Christian mentors and other believers while attending post secondary education:

  • Helps students remain firm in their beliefs and commitments
  • Keeps students accountable and focused on purity etc.
  • Gives students a safe outlet for discussing challenging issues
  • Teaches students how to model and share their faith
  • Provides tremendous long-term growth opportunities
  • Creates deep-rooted, lifelong friendship connections

Getting Connected:

Each of our TRoC campuses have their own Facebook page, so go ahead and link up with the campus where you attend school. A Chaplain or student leader will get in touch… we look forward to connecting with you soon!

TRoC - Fanshawe - "The Rock on Campus - Fanshawe"

TRoC - Lambton - "The Rock on Campus - Lambton"

TRoC - Windsor - "The Rock on Campus - St Clair"

Looking for a good church? Our chaplains can also connect you to pastors and leaders at churches that have an active young adult ministry.