Next to the first five years of life, the post secondary years are some of the most profound and important in a person's life. Vocations are chosen; values are often solidified; moral decisions that will affect the remaining 40-50 years are made. The years spent on a college/university campus create the structure for life's decisions that will impact family, vocation, and relationships. That's why we've created seminars that can prepare and equip teens, families and inform pastors and church leaders.


This seminar will speak into the lives of your teens. Interactive and encouraging, this seminar will equip your teens to take their faith in Jesus with sincerity and hope. Teens will have an opportunity to express their challenges and find clear and practical tools to continue to grow their faith and prepare for the challenges that will greet them should they attend college or university.


Parents want the very best for their children. Eager to pass the baton of faith to the next generation, parents can find the pre-teen and teen years to be busy with all of life's activities. When a parent is in the middle of life, it can be a challenge to be aware of what's happening in the changing culture of our society. This seminar will help parents understand some of the key elements of teen/young adult cultures, review the dangers that lurk, and find real action items to respond to these realities...realities your children are living with right now. You will be informed and you will come away with some great tools to help your family in what Scripture refers to as the 'spiritual battles'.


There's no real magic to growing your church. With plenty of voices calling for attention, the role of pastors today requires confirmation of a call, commitment to the task to equip the saints, and consistency in following through. Whether your church is multi-staff or you serve in the role as the only paid pastor, this seminar will provide you with an opportunity to work with others on finding ways to disciple parents to disciple their children AND help identify tools you can use in shepherding your youth and young adults.

If you're interested in learning more about bringing one or all of these seminars to your community, please message and provide contact information and best dates/times to connect.