What Are Chaplains?

Every day, chaplains create opportunities to connect with students through weekly campus discussions groups and Bible studies, through one-on-one chats over a coffee or through pastoral counseling sessions. Chaplains connect with students struggling with guilt and depression due to a momentary lapse of judgment with long-term legal or moral impact.
We are available when opportunities arise to present a Christian perspective in public debate. We provide bereavement counselling when a tragedy hits. We advise Campus staff when approached. We officiate on Remembrance Day, a day that has become much more relevant to students who see their friends lost in war.
We answer a call from a desperate mother from another town who wants someone to just look in on her son. We offer a listening ear to the daughter who fears judgment after a failing grade. We mentor students to take leadership among their peers. We offer comfort to students and staff after crises.
We are the hands and feet of the church on campus. We respond to a local youth pastor who alerts us to youth facing a personal crisis. We reach out to churches to connect students looking for local Christian fellowship. We facilitate other Christian groups or events and invite inter-campus connections. 


Francois Kruger

An ordained minister and currently serves as the Executive Director of The Rock on Campus based out of London, Ontario where he is the Lead Chaplain at Fanshawe College.

Francois began as a campus chaplain appointed to Fanshawe in the Fall of 1995 by Ridgeview Community Church after serving in youth ministry for seven years. Since that time, campus ministry and chaplaincy have become a vital component in the lives of hundreds of students and a 'who-to-go-to' resource to the college for its spiritual needs. Chaplaincy also offers spiritual care in a variety of situations where the professional services of clergy is required.

Francois is happily married to Sandra and has 3 daughters who are the joy of his life. He attends Stoney Creek Baptist Church in northeast London, loves to read about what's going on in contemporary culture, and is an avid Montreal Canadiens fan.

Francois can be reached at: fkruger@therockoncampus.org

Doug Thomson

Doug is an elder at Sovereign Grace Community Church in Sarnia and has a thriving financial services company. An active member in ministry at his church, Doug has been serving Lambton College since the fall of 2014 where he loves working with young adults and is eager to come alongside the lives of students and demonstrate how they can discover how faith intersects with life.

Doug can be reached at: doug.thomson@lambton.on.ca

St Clair - the chaplaincy position is presently vacant as The Rock on Campus Canada is engaged in securing the next chaplain to the campus.